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At J&B Recycling, our main aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites, and to increase levels of recycling . Not only does this help the environment, it can also reduce the cost  of waste removal  and helps conform to government legislation.

There are very few materials which can’t be recycled - we take paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic, wood and rubble and have guaranteed recycling outlets for them all. And our sorting facility at our site in Hartlepool means that there is no need for clients to separate out individual materials.

J&B Recycling work with all sizes of businesses and local authorities to help them reduce the impact of their waste on the environment cost effectively.

We provide total waste management services and are fully accredited with ISO14001, ISO9001, CPC and WAMITAB.

Our waste management and consultancy services conform fully to waste management and employment standards. We understand current legislation and use our professionalism, resources and knowledge to achieve consistent results in the minimisation of waste to landfill.

J&B Recycling provide an extensive selection of containers to hold waste from small wheelie bins to on site compactors for clients who produce a high volume of waste on a regular basis. We can provide a wide range services including Waste Sorting, and Treatment, Site Clearances, Event Management, Waste Surveys & Waste Awareness Sessions and are able to provide reports to our clients who require waste breakdowns, recycling rates and final destination locations for all materials.

Operating to rigorous standards our network of collection vehicles and facilities offer a high quality solution to deal with waste.

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